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ommu〓nications ma〓rket of the Phili■ppines. "We have est○ablished partnershi●p with almost all t●he major local pla〓yers, includin○g DIGITEL, PLDT/S●mart, Globe○ and Bayan Te〓lecommunic○ations," said Yan■g confidently. "A■t present,● Huawei equipment ○

in the local mar●ket can simult●aneously provide s■ervice for more than〓 20 million us●ers," he added. H●owever, the execu◆tive admitted t●hat his compa

ny had ●also experienced se○tbacks before bec○oming popular. Su●n Yafang, chairwoma○n of Huawei Techno◆logies, said in an

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e〓mail to employees ◆dated Jan 2 that th●e company's contract■ sales amounted to ●$23.3 billion in 200■8, with 75 per■cent coming ○from overseas market●s."Last year, we m■aintained a solid ●and healthy gr●owth," Sun sa◆id in the e◆mail. She said ○Huawei's c◆ontract sales are〓 expected to incr◆ease 28.8 percent to〓 $30 b

illio●n in 2009.The ○worldwide econo〓mic slowdown has pr●ompted many tel〓ecom operators to tr〓im spending g◆rowth, resultin〓g in a fall in d〓emand of new equ●ipment from suppl●iers, including Eric●sson and Nokia Si○emens Netw

lier during l〓ess than ten ye

orks.The m○ore price comp◆etitive Chi〓nese telecom equip●ment makers such as● Huawei and ZT〓E Corp are in ●a better posit〓ion than thei●r foreign counterpar●ts to compe

t○e in the internation〓al marketplace.C○hinese tel●ecom equipment ○maker Huawei Techn◆ologies sai◆d yesterday its net■ profit jumpe〓d 20 percent in 2008■, driven by stro●ng overseas sales in● emerging markets a●nd improved profit ●margins.Its robust■ profit growth is ○in stark contrast ●to other glob●al telecom gear mak◆ers who have al〓l reported plu

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